Monday, April 16, 2007

Wally in recovery > STILL FIGHTING!

Doing better day by day. Finally started eating solid foods about a week ago. Yes! Still have some bad days but can't complain compared to what I've been through. Post Treatment has been worse than treatment! This shit is crazy!

Moving back to the desert. Look forward to playing the J- Tree Fest and Tricking out my studio!!!! Lydia is walking and blowing our minds. She has a piano and lots of percussion toys and really knows what to do with them!

Laurie continues to be the most supportive and amazing wife one could ever dream of having! I can't begin to thank everyone enough for participating in the incredible benefit concerts! Thank you All! We are truly Blessed.

Drs. are happy. Come back to Cedars once a month or so and plan to get scans done in about two mos.!

Peace and Love,

Another Health Update from Wally

GOOD NEWS from the doctors >>>>> Wally is now done with chemo and radiation treatments. Here is the update from Wally:

Hey Y'all

I am elated and a bit overwhelmed with the latest Drs. Exam. My Surgeon, Dr. Ryan Osborne, has been my wing man from day 1 when he told me straight up, "you've got cancer" until this week when he said "I don't see anything and I don't feel anything". I was floored with emotion and couldn't hold back the tears as I embraced him.

My sister in law Patty and Dr. Osborne's Intern were in the room as well and we were all grinning ear to ear! I have been very emotional ever since that moment. I only wish that Laurie and Lydia would have been there to share the feeling. I called Laurie after we left the office and with a quivering voice told her the good news, she was ecstatic! She has been my ROCK and I can't imagine what she has gone through completely in these last months. She has not once shown fear or made me feel that we were in trouble or that we would not successfully beat this thing down, but let me tell you I had a hard time looking at my self in the mirror and witnessing the horrible impact that the chemo and radiation was having on my head and neck areas. I'm talkin' Freddy Krueger meets Fire Marshal Bob Horror! Laurie never flinched in the face of such horror (literally), for this I will be eternally grateful to her. My Love for my wife runs deeper than the Grand Canyon and I thank her for her strength, compassion and incredible healing heart and hands. I love you Laurie!

My Oncologist, Dr. Edward Wolin is absolutely thrilled with the out come of the treatments and his comment was, "As far as I am concerned, you are in remission!" He also said, "This is big. You were stage 4A! And now you are cancer free! This is big!"

I look forward to seeing Dr. Michele Burnison, my Radiation Oncologist, to hear her take on things . The radiation was particularly brutal, burning up tissue in my mouth, throat and outer skin on my neck, cheeks and ears. It was like a super, super bad sunburn. My skin is healing up nicely now. I get hydration at the hospital for 4 hrs a day until I can take enough fluids in through my mouth. It's all about healing up and gaining strength back. No more torture and punishment for the Llama! Yeah!!!!!

I Thank all of my Docs and Nurses and Technicians at Cedars, you are incredible! I Thank all of my family. I Love you!

I also Thank all of my friends, the most amazing crew of folks to walk the Earth. Most of all My Lovely Wife Laurie and my darling daughter Lydia! I Love You!