Monday, April 16, 2007

Wally in recovery > STILL FIGHTING!

Doing better day by day. Finally started eating solid foods about a week ago. Yes! Still have some bad days but can't complain compared to what I've been through. Post Treatment has been worse than treatment! This shit is crazy!

Moving back to the desert. Look forward to playing the J- Tree Fest and Tricking out my studio!!!! Lydia is walking and blowing our minds. She has a piano and lots of percussion toys and really knows what to do with them!

Laurie continues to be the most supportive and amazing wife one could ever dream of having! I can't begin to thank everyone enough for participating in the incredible benefit concerts! Thank you All! We are truly Blessed.

Drs. are happy. Come back to Cedars once a month or so and plan to get scans done in about two mos.!

Peace and Love,


Blogger Mars said...

Wally...Still Sending my best !!
Thanks for being my Friend !!


2:04 PM  

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